Our grant-making in 2019

During the 2019 calendar year, Oak Foundation’s total net amount granted was USD 294.05 million. This figure includes 377 programme and Special Initiative grants, discretionary grants, refunds and cancellations. Overall, Oak provided programme and Special Initiative grants to 342 organisations based in 37 countries. The work of these organisations is carried out throughout the world. Not including the Special Initiative grants, the size of grants varied from approximately USD 25,000 to USD 15 million, with an average of USD 700,000.

  • We made
  • 0
  • programme and Special Initiative grants to
  • 0
  • organisations in
  • 0
  • countries.

Total programme and discretionary grant-making in 2019

A searchable grant database containing current grants, grant-making criteria and application information is available on Oak Foundation’s website: www.oakfnd.org.

  • 261.52 M Total programme grants
  • 13.01 M Discretionary grants
  • 0.78 M Refunds and cancellations
  • 273.75 M Total regular grant-making
  • 20.30 M Special Initiative grants
  • 294.05 M Net amount granted

Total grant-making 2009-2019